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NIIT Badambadi Centre Was Established on 24th April 1989 with a small team of 4 members.Now it is one of the leading study centre in Odisha.


Mr Kalyan Mohanty
Founder NIIT Odisha
NIIT Badambadi Team ... Congratulations!
The launching of the NIIT CUTTACK website is a step further in recognizing the need to maximize information technology capabilities in terms of promoting the services of the Centre to a larger audience . I look forward to your bringing more information that will be useful to varied groups of clients and to present them in a more user-friendly way ,in the future. Ganesha Puja today a very auspicious day to start such an endeavor.
May God Bless Us All.
Dipak Keep It Up !

Kalyan Mohanty.

Mr Adit Jena
Director NIIT Odisha
Heartiest Congratulations to you on your New Website launching
Now the future of NIIT is being created by all of us with the next big transformational leap of making the ‘Cloud’ central to the way we do our new way of learning.
I would like each and every one of you to take this opportunity in this year , to continue the legacy of innovation by embracing the Cloud and making the year….. 2013…. truly the – ‘year of the Cloud’, for NIIT.
May God bless all of you with abundant wisdom and knowledge.


Mr Dipak Tripathy
Centre Head NIIT Badambadi
Many Congratulations to all NIITians for completing 25 Years at Cuttack Successfully.
I welcome Everyone to Our New Website Launched on this ocassion.



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